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The Bootilicious - More Texture Individual Palette Knives (From the Custom 5 Piece Set)

The Bootilicious - More Texture Individual Palette Knives (From the Custom 5 Piece Set)

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You guys have asked as so many times over the years to be able to buy Palette knives from our Signature Custom set due to various reasons from losing them, damaging them, wanting extra of your fav etc etc, and finally, we are doing it!

This listing is for The Bootilicious (all the palette knives were named by workshop students and names have stuck over the years so we honor our students with keeping the names!)

The Bootilicious is the most unique of the custom set. Well rounded, extra chubby, lots of shaping for buttercream etc, this one is so popular and one of the most requested for additional single purchases. Makes so much better rounded textures than the end of a regular offset spatula, hence it's popularity, Mini in a mini version of the Moni. Perfect for smaller details, working on cupcakes etc. Makes the cutest buttercream leaves!  

These are not your standard off the shelf palette knife - take your cake decorating skills to another level.

Used for:


Royal Icing


Plaster of Paris

Acrylic and oil painting

Utilised by Monica in all her 3D Sculptured Buttercream Classes.

Warm Hand wash only

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Super Model



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As a reminder, you are purchasing 1 only palette knife with this listing. 

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