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With oodles of references and articles featuring Monica and Moreish Cakes, we thought it might be a good idea to pop them all into once place for easy reference!

Especially when we receive lots of requests for tutorials!

the review magazine 6/3/2018

Great article announcing Monica from Moreish as one of the top 9 nominated for Australia's Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2018

"Monica sprung to fame after becoming one of three finalists on the “Great Australian Bake Off”.  Passionate about baking, after the show she opened her own cake design company, Moreish Cakes, based in Sydney."

9Kitchen 9Now 9Honey Feb 2018

This one had Monica screaming around the Sugar Studio with excitement - her own video feature and awesome article on Channel 9 website, 9Kitchen, 9Honey and 9Now - it was even on the home page of the main site! 

Ladies In racing magazine 7/3/2018

Another great announcement for the top 9 nominees featuring Monica from Moreish Cakes! 

"Australia’s top nine haute couture wedding cake designers have been announced in the lead up to the International Cake Show Australia which will be held in Brisbane from May 18 to 20...."



cake! magazine 1/3/2018 interview

An indepth interview with our Monica from Moreish.

She offers up some great tips for wedding consultations for both cake makers and brides and grooms.

5 of her cakes were also featured in the magazine, she was very excited to have been interveiwed


 My submission Wedding Cake Designer of the year hits the main page of The Guardian! Blown away! Thank you David Kelly for such a great photo!