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Sound Bute Embosser - Birthday by Katy Perry

Sound Bute Embosser - Birthday by Katy Perry

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Add music to your bakes with Sound Bites!

This revolutionary concept allows you to add a scannable code to your cookies and cuppies etc for the birthday girl/boy to then enjoy!

Give your bakes a musical flair with our new range of Spotify Code embossers! Whether it's that special song that brings you back to your first date with your fiancée, or that tune that your child would love to hear on their birthday (even if it is the same one they ask you to play every day in the car to school), you can now add a scannable code to your sweets!

A Spotify Code is a QR-like scannable tag that can be used to quickly share or access a song within Spotify. All you need to do is open the search function in Spotify app, scan your cookie by pressing the camera icon, and then listen to the song that automatically plays as you devour your treat.

The code is 5cm wide.

*This song may require a Spotify Premium Account to play instantly when scanned.


For best results, roll fondant to 3mm thick and ensure it isn't too sticky as it is likely to cling to the embosser and pull the code out of shape. The shadow of the imprint should create enough contrast for the code to work, however we recommend stamping the embosser lightly into a contrasting lustre before imprinting, especially when using an iPhone or in low-light conditions.

​It is very important the code does not change shape when being transferred to your bakes.


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