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Savvy Cover Ups - Various Sizes

Savvy Cover Ups - Various Sizes

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Savvy’s Original COVER UP is your BENCHTOP BESTIE!

Seasoned cake artist Lena saw a need for a product to be developed to replace single use plastic in order to preserve fondant while working with it.

Her original product is a washable, reusable and food safe film that decorators can use not only to keep fondant from drying out too quickly- but also use as a substitute for baking paper when rolling cookie dough.

Simply wash Cover Up in warm soap water between uses, dry flat and store rolled in it’s pouch

  • COVER UP your working fondant while getting your decorating done.

  • COVER UP cut fondant pieces like decorations, cupcake toppers and cut cookie pieces.

  • COVER UP cake fondant decorations like strips for ruffles and sugar flower petals while you work one piece at a time

  • COVER UP your cookie dough BOTH over and under and roll out your dough, eliminating the need for so much baking paper!

Available in:

Cover Up single pack = 1x45cm square

Cover Up double pack = 2x45cm square

Cover Up Mini = 4pk 20cm squares

Flower Up 12pk = 8cm squares


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