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Paper/Card Palms for Cake - Pack of 2 - CLEARANCE!!!

Paper/Card Palms for Cake - Pack of 2 - CLEARANCE!!!

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To say we are pissed off is the understatement of the month…. we waited for ever for these to arrive, only to have them come damaged and crushed.

Now, they are not a total loss but not in their perfect condition, so we are selling them out at cost.

So we say at this point, you get what you get and you don’t get upset with this sale - don’t worry, they are not torn etc, they just need a little TLC to fold them nicely again and it’s time that frankly, we don’t have to spare….

Our loss is your gain, once they are sold out, the new shipment will go to the regular price…

These are pack of 2 of the same size in each pack, with a plastic straw and sticky dots to put together and insert into your cake/cupcakes.

We loved these as a cost effective and in some case food safe alternative to preserved palms or for your budget customer cakes - get the look with less $$.


  • Soft Pink (has a More Golden Glow to them - really pretty and Monica’s fav

  • Gold

  • Beige

  • Purple


  • Small - 10 to 11cm

  • Large - 14 to 15cm

Just as reminder, some are damaged, you might hit the jackpot and yours are 100% perfect, but most are a bit squished, so no refunds as you have been warned, don’t send us middle of the night whinges as we will roll our eyes and send you this link as a reminder heheheh (Also read our captions with the light hearted humor they are written in!!!)

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