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CCC Lustre Stamping Starter Kit and Pads

CCC Lustre Stamping Starter Kit and Pads

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I first saw these in action from Alyssa demo’d them but I didn’t quite get how cool they were until I traveled with Mark from Custom Cookie Cutters and he demoed them Infront of me and I was hooked, so I had to stock them!

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a couple of extra pads when you purchase the starter kit so you can create pads for other colours.

I used my More Glow collection in Raven Black, Gold Sass and Molten Caramel when doing cookies with out bossers! So much easier than hand painting later.

A quick stream of the cookie surface one done sets the lustre so that it doesn’t rub off on your cookie bags.

Need more info? This is what I pinched of CCC’s website:

Stamping lustre is a quick and effective way to add sparkle and colour to your bakes. Our Lustre Pad & Refill Plate Set has been designed for Sound Bite embossers but it also works great on other embossers especially very detailed designs.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Lustre Pad

  • 1x Refill Plate

  • 1x Applicator Tool

This set does not come with Lustre but can be purchased seperatley on the Moreish website.


To use, remove applicator tool and fit the refill plate over the lustre pad. Using the small end of the applicator tool spoon a generous of lustre on to the pad. Use the wide side of the applicator tool to apply the lustre to all of the pad. Using the applicator tool heap the excess lustre together and holding to plates hole above the jar of lustre and push excess through the hole back in to the jar and remove refill plate.

Pad is now ready to go stamping!

Depending on the embosser design try both tapping and rubbing the embosser on the pad before stamping in to rolled fondant. Refill pad as needed.

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