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More Puffer Bottles - Empty

More Puffer Bottles - Empty

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Due to crazy popular requests, we will be stocking our gorgeous Gold edible glitter/lustre puffer sprays that you can now purchase empty and fill with either our More Glow range or your fav brands*

Or even better, get creative and create your own unique glitter blends!

Our puffer have a unique mechanism inside that has 2 little arms that grab the glitter from the bottom of the bottle and push it up to puff out.

This means, it continues to work until your product is at the bottom unlike other puffer that stock 1/2 way.

Remember to tap your puffer upside down to "fluff" up your glitter before each use and to clear and blockages.

Do not wash the interior mechanism as moisture may cause blockages.

*Please note - not all edible glitters will work if either too chunky or too fine, so if the puffer isn't working, check the grade of the product you placed into it. These are tested with our products, not other brands so fill with other brands at your own risk

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