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More Moist & More Curl Bundle Offer - Wafer Paper Buddies

More Moist & More Curl Bundle Offer - Wafer Paper Buddies

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The ultimate combo - More Moist AND More Curl!

These 2 are best friends and a match made in heaven !!

More Moist will help you add in a natural look to your petals and leaves with viens and movement.

Most curl will naturally curl your edges for an organic look!

Check out the photos of flowers Monica has made combining both products for an even more real looking foliage and petals. This is taking your wafer skills to the next level and perfect for intermediate and advanced users.

“More Moist” and “ More Curl” have been developed by Monica Cavallaro for wafer paper flower making. After months of testing and recipe trials, we are very excited to finally release it to the public.

“More Moist” - will create revitalise your wafer paper. Allow you to bend, fold, manipulate your wafer paper in ways that is not possible with straight up sheets from the pack.

Imagine adding texture and veins to flower petals?

Imagine colouring your wafer paper with petal dusts and setting the colour with More Moist!.

Wafer Paper Origami? Yes!

Create shapes with your wafer and leave to set and dry in place.

Hand curl petal and leaf edges for that smooth rolled edge.

How to use “More Moist”?

  1. Cut or punch out your petals, or lay out entire sheets

  2. Place on a stainless steel bench or silicone mat, only a millimeter or so between each petal or as a sheet.

  3. Leave a distance of 15 or so centimeters and spray once or twice evenly

  4. Flip repeat.

  5. Working quickly, place on a drying rack and leave for a few minutes until the paper is flexible enough for you to work with it.

  6. Be careful not to over spray as this can lead to the paper becoming warped and uneven. Plus it will become so soft, it wont hold shapes well until it’s mostly dry

  7. Under spray or not flexible enough, easily fixed with an extra spray until its at the right consistency you want

  8. Want more? We have a you tube video in progress so stay tuned!

Looking for a little colour in your work? “More Moist” is great to divide out into a couple of spray bottles (we do sell empty bottles so you can add them to your cart with this purchase) and add in a drop of your favourite colours and spray away!

What colours and products are our favs to use with “More Moist”?

Miranda’s Edible Paints by Sweet Sticks are awesome, I highly recommend the Peach and the Plum! These colours have a tendency to leave a colour mark down the side of your spray bottle and the colour separates but have no fear, a quick shake and you are ready to go again.

And finally, petal dusts - this is my other fav, but you need ensure the blend is a fine fine powder else they clog your spray bottles, I recommend pulse the dusts further before attempting this. My fav brand is Carolines for this - the Plum is to die for!

Chefmaster and Over the Top gel colours work awesome too!

What colours DO NOT work with More Curl or More Moist? ColourMIll Oil and Aquablend, ProGel or any oil based colourant

What’s the difference between More Moist and More Curl?

More Moist will soften your paper and allow you to work on oodles of projects and has a more soft looking end product. The wafer will dry however it remains supple for a longer period of time.

More Curl, will give you fabulous curls and will ultimately dry hard in the shape its created. This happens fairly quickly so is great for fast made flowers and time poor decorators.

This product is mixed and bottled in Australia from locally and internationally sourced products.

Contains Alcohol

Ingredients - Ethanol, Alcohol, vegetable Glycerin, artificial flavors and Gum Arabic

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