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Mermaid Under the Sea Cake Topper Decorations Set - 26 Pieces

Mermaid Under the Sea Cake Topper Decorations Set - 26 Pieces

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Imagine not having to make all the decorations for your cake, wouldn't that be a huge time saving to you?

Or are you new to cake decorating and not quite confident to tackle modeling as yet?

Or would you like to keep the decorations as a keep-sake for a special occasion?

Either these reasons and more as to why we are now stocking, ready made, non edible, cake safe decoration to make your caking life easier and oh so cute!

This 28 piece set contains:

Large purple mermaid tail - 11cm wide

Purple mermaid tail - 9.6cm tall

Blue sea shell - 3cm x 2.4cm

Pearl blue sea shell - 3cm x 2.4cm

Lilac star fish - 4cm x 4cm

Pearl blue star fish - 4cm x 4cm

5 x light blue cake balls

5 x lilac cake balls

5 x purple cake balls

5 x blue cake balls

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Please note - this is for the decorations only, not the cake - cake is only for decorations and inspo only (yes, we can't believe we have to add this disclaimer either... but some people do have em......)

Cake was textured use the Fan palette knife and colours were ColourMill Baby Pink, Lilac and Sky Blue 

Please note - colour hues may vary to real product as screen resolutions differ

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