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Limited Edition - More Bloody Sprinkles - Argento - 30 ml Tube

Limited Edition - More Bloody Sprinkles - Argento - 30 ml Tube

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Argento - meaning Silver in Italian is an awesome versatile mix of high shine silver and pearl finished white sprinkles. I’ve used this a lot due to the combo in them. Adore the hearts!

Limited Edition - once they are sold out, they won’t be back hence priced to clear!! Make it worth while and buy oodles and save on postage.

More Bloody Sprinkles is named because we don’t need another supplier of custom sprinkle mixes out there but I had a small batch I custom created for my clients cakes/cupcakes and am slowing down on client orders, thought you guys might enjoy something cute and special, so here it is…… and to answer any questions, nope, I won’t be adding sprinkles to the More Range as a permanent feature, nor as wholesale to stores.. so get in quick as I won’t replicate these mixes.

Enough in a tube for a dozen cupcakes or 36 minis, or to decorate the bottom of a drip cake. Disclaimer, this is only accurate depending on how heavy handed you are with your sprinkles!

INGREDIENTS: corn starch, sugar, maltodextrin, colourant, shellac, carnauba wax

Allergen: Gluten free

May Be Present SOY

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