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More Sola Products - Make Your Own Sola Flowers

More Sola Products - Make Your Own Sola Flowers

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Make your own Sola Flowers!

Typical Monica, who loves to make all manners of flowers has gone down another rabbit hole and purchased bulk lots of Sola wood to make her own flowers.

Once she figured out how to make them (which we have to tell you, she is now obsessed and has has a studio full of them) she then created a lotion for the wood to soften it so you can create all manners of amazing flowers.

Yes, you read that right, she did it again.

So, what have we got here?

Rolls of Sola wood to make your own flowers - each roll is approx 12cm high and weighs 5 grams.

More Lotion - 140ml spray bottles of Sola conditioner to moisturise your sola wood to create gorgeous projects. We Highly recommend you have some kind of moisturiser for working with sola as the wood splits and frays when being handled and it needs it! Our More Lotion is food safe and can be coloured with your fav food gels and Sweet Sticks Edible Art paints.

Reeds - if you wish to make your own flowers for diffusers

More Stems - if you are making sola flowers for your cakes

So what is Sola wood? Make from an eco-friendly renewable wood of a marshy plant (not tapioca or cassava as commonly misunderstood). These are non edible however, this are food safe, as is our More Lotion to work the Sola wood.

The beauty of Sola wood flowers and projects is they last for years especially if you look after them. And they can be used for all manner of projects from cake decorating, to bouquets, reed essential oil diffusers, home floral decor, jewellery making and more! They are a wonderful keep sake for recipients

Can’t be stuffed and want to just buy ready made?

Monica bought a few boxes of flowers to play with and dismantle to learn how to make them and has a few boxes left for purchase - these are limited stocks only and once sold out will not be restocked - Click here, here, here, here and here (haha) to purchase the remainder of our stock - if we have sold out, there is a fabulous online store that stocks oodles of them and you can purchase ready made here

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