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Adjustable Heart Cake Baking Ring - STOCK DUE END OF FEB

Adjustable Heart Cake Baking Ring - STOCK DUE END OF FEB

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You all screamed at us that you wanted this after it went viral on our Insta/TikTok post, so we got them in for you!

A cleverly designed cake mold that can be adjusted to any size.

We recommend the More Cookie Liner underneath and using cake mix recipes that are thicker in consistency as a runny mix will leak underneath the ring.

We spray oil to help prevent cake batter leaking. Another great way is to brush room temp thick butter around the edge prior to pouring in the batter, pop the tray into the fridge for the butter to firm up and then pour the batter in and straight into the oven. This will hold the batter long enough for the baking to start and reduce the chances of seepage. And really, the crunchy bits that might ooze out are yummy yo eat for the baker!

The freely adjustable ring pan/frame is ideal for preparing something yummy for a special occasion.

Quickly make molded salads, cakes, mousse and desserts, etc.

Ideal for using as a baking ring or a cutting ring for cake tarts. 

Super easy to clean, dishwasher and over safe stainless steel

Width adjustable: 10cm - 18.5cm, Height: 5cm

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