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Tipless Degradable Piping Bags 12in/30cm

Tipless Degradable Piping Bags 12in/30cm

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Disposable bags are here to stay, so to support the environment, LOYAL have developed the disposable DEGRADABLE tipless bags.

Ideal for outlining, flooding and decorating cookies and for projects that do not need a piping tip. The LOYAL disposable DEGRADABLE tipless bags are robust, lightweight to handle and convenient.


  • availabe in each (a single bag), pack of 12 or full pack of 75 - buy in bulk and save.

  • Fine seam

  • Textured exterior grip

  • Smooth interior flow

  • Sharp and precise finished point

  • HACCP & FDA Certified

  • Certified for food service and BPA free

  • Designed and developed in Australia

To use, snip the tip of the bag to the desired shape and size and pipe away
These bags are highly affordable which means that once used, you can dispose of them with the knowledge that they are DEGRADABLE!

Idea to use with your coupler and ruffle tips!

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