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More Hard n Sticky Thick Strawberry Edible Glue 60ml Jar

More Hard n Sticky Thick Strawberry Edible Glue 60ml Jar

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Super thick and concentrated More Hard and Sticky Strawberry scented edible glue.

Available in:

  • Clear
  • Pearl Twinkle
  • Gold Flasher
  • Champagne Gold

Monica calls this her More Mortar when it comes to edible glue.

Wafer paper friendly, dries faster, use less, great for modeling and sticking stuff to the sides of your cakes, cookies and of course.... More!

As it's extra thick, you use less and it dries quicker so it reduces glue seep and fondant damage.

This glue was created by our famous More Hard, just now in shelf stable form!

And all presented in a generous 60ml signature gold lid jar. So not only an awesome, functional product but also pretty on your bench and reusable!

Remember to always decant the glue you wish to use rather than sticking a contaminated brush or utensil into it, this will ensure a longer shelf life.

Gluten free, halal, lactose free, kosher and vegan.

Ingredients - distilled water, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, E202 and  Sodium Benzoate

Made and packaged in Australia at Moreish Group from local and internationally sourced ingredients.


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