Royal Icing

Royal Icing

Royal icing is a fundemental recipe in my kitchen. I use it so much for cookies to gingerbread houses, to cake decorating. 


This recipe is adaptive, meaning you can make it as firm (for Gingerbread houses) or am runny (god flooding cookies) as you like. Choice is yours to find the consistency you need it. 


5 tablespoons of egg white powder

1/2 cup of water

450 grams of pure icing sugar

optional - colour

optional - flavours - do not use oil based flavours


Pop everything into your mixing bowl and with you paddle beater, beat until until all incorporated, stiff peaks have formed and it’s pure white. 


if you are not using it straight away, cover with a damp cloth to avoid crusting. Or lay cling wrap directly in contact with the royal icing (RI).  


When RI is sitting there for a while, it will appear to break down with bubbles or form liquid on the bottom, don’t remix in the mixer, using a spoon bring it back together again to use it.  


Add more water to make ot runnier. 


Add less water to make it thicker and stronger. 


Love and hugs, Monica 💋💕 

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