Monica's Moreish Mango Jam with Organic Vanilla Bean

Monica's Moreish Mango Jam with Organic Vanilla Bean

Tuesday Tight Tip while in isolation - over ripe fruit? Don’t throw it out, make it into jam to use later (bread recipes coming too). We had a couple of large mangos that had some soft sections and yucky to eat so I chopped them up, the good bits we ate and the rest I cut into smaller pieces and made jam.... recipe below!

Monica’s Moreish Mango Jam Recipe;


300 grams over ripe mango
300 grams sugar
A little organic vanilla paste (optional)


Place mango, any juice that came from chopping it up, sugar and a squeeze of Queens organic vanilla bean paste (optional) into a medium saucepan and pop onto the stove on a medium heat.

After a minute, give it a stir to combine.

Stay with it or stay close as you need to stir regularly to avoid sticking and burning

When it starts to boil, turn down to a low setting and keep stiring here and there

When the scunge or foam foams on the top, remove this with a spoon - this has many benefits including clarifying your jam

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for it to reduce to a point where I would say it’s ready. There are many tests people do, including the plate slide test, the back of the spoon test, to me, it’s by eye and how much I want it reduces or caramelised.

To store, sterilise your jar. I know I am not using a proper sealed jam jar but this is just for us and will go into the fridge and be eaten within weeks. I place my jars and lids (not the metal ones!!) with a bit of water in them into the microwave for 5 mins. Using over mittens, remove, pore out left over water and within a min they are hot and dry and ready for the hot jam without shattering.

Pour in the jam carefully not to burn yourself and seal it. My moconoa jars pop the lids while cooking so just leave them offset until almost cool and then push the lid on and they seal great for my fridge.

Enjoy! Pics below! Feel free to share. This is just for home jam making and to help avoid wasting valuable food right now 

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