French Meringues - Because you all demanded it!!

French Meringues - Because you all demanded it!!

Delicious, crisp meringues! By force I am sharing my recipe as I have been inundated with requests for the recipe I used to make my recent viral Unicorn Meringue-sicles! Or Meringue Pops! Am still trying to name them! Enjoy!


3 x large organic egg whites

1 x cup of castor sugar

1 x table spoon of pure icing sugar - sifted

1/4 x teaspoon cream of tartar

Gel colour of your choice - I prefer Americolour gels

Flavours of your choice - I use Roberts


Whisk egg whites for a few moments until they start to froth up

Add in gently the sugar and continue to whisk

Add in the cream of tartar and whisk until thick and glossy. Fold through the icing sugar.

At this point I fold through colour and/or flavours. The less colour and flavour you use the better. As it will soften the end effect of your meringues. if you use lots, add more icing mixture to firm it up

Pipe, spread, smear, what ever makes you happy, directly on to pre-prepared cookie sheets lined with baking paper

Bake at 100 degrees Celcius or less.

Now, I am not going to tell you how long to bake them for, as every design is different and every oven is different. Just check on them once in a while - they need to be baked through - hollow to the tap on the bottom - and left to "dry". My motto is long and slow... The higher the temp, the great the risk of cracking, colour discoloration etc

Store in a air proof container with food grade silica pouched/packs for longevity.

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