More Texture Palette Knives

Hi Everyone,

Due to the growing popularity of More Texture Palette knives, we are currently out of stock.

Stock was due to arrive in time at the end of July, however Covid has once again cast it’s magic, and the shipment and manufacturing was delayed.

Currently in a container and their way, we have several pallets coming.

In the order, are a few new single palette knifes as requested by several stores for single unit sales.

Having said that, due to demand, we already have back orders for 1/2 of the stock on it’s way.

We have placed a back up order and delivery is expected mid Nov, all things going well.

If you were looking at placing an order in the coming month, can we highly recommend you do so, to secure your numbers now.

A new wholesale area has been set up for you to order online, however you can continue to order via email or sms or phone calls as you have before if it suits you.

This is the link to the wholesale area of the More Range and the current password is MoreIsMore for this quarter.

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