Spotlight, Fondtastic and Me

Spotlight, Fondtastic and Me

I tell anyone that ask, Fondtastic/Kware are awesome, not just the products and the range, but the company and it’s people.

The entire team supports us Ambassadors in so many way and we do the same for them.

They are an Australian family owned business, so please consider supporting local companies like Kware and Loyal before you go supporting overseas businesses (yes they are awesome too but show a bit of love for the Aussies too!!).

So why the title?

The team from Kware/Fondtastic distrube nation wide via Spotlight and often create Projects for Spotlight to advertise and help customers recreate a project at home, so I was really flattered when the team said that Spotlight liked one of my cakes and would I consider creating one just for them as a project? Absolutely! I have been an avid Spotlight customer for well over 25 years myself!

So without, further a do… here is my creation for Spotlight, using all Fondtastic products!

If you like to give this design a go, head over to this link for all the materials list and techniques! And I recon the more it’s clicked, the more likely they are to invite me back to do more of them!

If you have any questions, please let me know below!

Cheers, Monica xxx

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