Sculpture Palette Knife Buttercream Flowers Cake

Sculpture Palette Knife Buttercream Flowers Cake

Wondering through Pinterest as you do on a Saturday night when you’ve been married for ever and have small kids and no social life. (how many of you can relate?) and I stumble upon an artist in Russia who does such pretty palette knife wall art flowers that I instantly fall in love.

As most of you know by now I LOVE flowers… real, sugar flowers, wafer, buttercream … any medium.. hell I even used to make them in clay! So you can imagine my immediate reaction to her work…. so who is she?

Evgenia Ermilova - this divine creature, has created heaven…. please follow her… and others like her, their work is amazing!

So after spending hours looking at her work and others like her, it got me thinking…. edible art - because we all know that is what I am about - and can it be applied to sugar?

Initially, I was thinking Royal Icing, and yes I tried it and it came out great and something many of you can try - should make mention here that the amazing Anita from Vintique Cakes has also been working on RI flowers and they are looking amazing! So keep an eye out for her work when she releases them! Now… back to me….(hahah) …

I wanted to recreate them in luxurious, soft buttercream… I wanted them to look stunning, large, realistic with jaggeder edges like real petals, with petal veins, height real height, not just flat on a cake, the kind you can love looking around the cake and look into the petals as it’s blooming… just like Evgenia’s!

I searched Instagram and Pinterest to see what other people were doing and while some were really pretty palette knife work in buttercream, none had what I had in mind.

So then I am thinking, why has no one done it yet? Surely I am not the first to think of it? And at this point, let me say I would never flatter myself to think with 7 billion souls on this earth that I would be the first to think of an idea or concept or technique - more of building on an existing one…. so off i went… made myself some buttercream, american style as was thinking its firmer… and it was a disaster.

Recipe after recipe I tried. Yes I am a stubborn cow!

I tried with mixed in shortening, i tried with straight up shortening, more sugar…. no luck…. then in the middle of the night… i had a brain wave. I got up in the morning, mixed my edible gluten free concoction, let rest for 12 hours and tried again…. it worked… i tweaked the recipe slightly and was even better!

Now, you will ask me.. what is the recipe? Sorry, I sold it to a manufacturer, so stay tuned as your ability to create these in a fraction of the time and effort it took me is about to be released!!

Now, for the practicing…. I tried many times and I wish I lived close enough to do one of Evgenia’s classes as I would have done it in a heart beat so I had to try to learn myself…. so please enjoy my little compilation of epic fails… (video will be available to view in 24 hours, meanwhile remember to subscribe to our channel as you will see the videos as they load rather than have to wait for us to announce them!

So as I continue to work on the techniques, I can now create over 15 flowers with it. And working on more…

Want to see more?

Want to know more? Ask me questions below! And stay tuned because you have to see what is coming!!



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