Photo's Are Important Too!

Photo's Are Important Too!

Good photography really matters especially when it comes to your cakes and baked goodies - I am not sure where to begin with this blog as it’s bound to offend someone but I figure if it helps a few people, then I’ve done a good deed for the week.

So many awesome cakes online to drool over on social media, PinInterest etc and yet time and time I can see what was a great cake, photographed poorly, that I feel disappointed for them when their cakes fail to raise any interest and engagement on those platforms due to minor things.

So what are some fails I regularly see? (Brace yourself, I get mean really quickly)

Cake in a box – really? Take the photos BEFORE you put the cake in the travel box!! The box just cheapens your cake. I don’t care how rushed you are, if the client is at the door or you plain forget to take a photo before you put it in the box, take it out, style your cake and take a proper photo! I can handle cupcakes in their travel box, but not the main cake.

Cake in the fridge – again really? I am sure the cake can survive 5 mins out of the fridge to have it’s photo taken. Unless you have an incredibly sexy, lights up from behind glass door fridge, don’t do it.

The Floor – Face palm – I can’t tell you how many cakes, I’ve seen recently photographed on the floor because I think the owner must think their floor boards are pretty and look better than their tables and place the cake on the floor to take the snap. Call me a germ-a-phob, but YUCK!!! And if the food inspector in your area catches wind of that photo you are done for! Please don’t do this, I am begging you.

Flash – I know the place might be dark, I know you might have finished your gorgeous cake at 3am but the flash on your camera or phone, creates very harsh light, shadows and sends the photos somewhat out of focus. Natural is best. Wait for the morning light – prop your cake near a window, so the natural soft light (not direct sunlight) highlights your cake from one side (not behind unless you know what you are doing)

Direct sunlight – unless you are a professional photographer and know how to play with direct sunlight on your cakes, don’t. It’s harsh I know.

Stands and Styling – we don’t all own 50 million stylist props for styling our cakes, but a plain white, basic 12” round cake stand from Big W will do the trick for most cakes. (please make sure your cake doesn’t weigh 50 million kilos before placing it on a cake stand! Be sensible here). If a cake stand can take the weight of your cake, use a stand. Use a candle stick holder, an upside down bowl, a flower pot – be creative! But just give it a go!

Focus – all cameras, even your iphone has focus points, use them when taking photos – touch the area of your cake you want the camera to focus on before taking the photo

Back ground – tidy up, move things so the cake has a clean back drop – no body wants to see your clutter, they will focus on that and not your cake – plus, it will bring a few frowns if they think your place isn’t clean enough to be producing cakes - can’t do it as your house/studio is upside down? Invest in a cake back drop. Can’t afford a back drop? No problem, buy a roll of wall paper from Bunnings (Home depot) and create your own!

And finally, clean your lenses – this includes your phone camera – a little spray of Windex on a clean cloth will do for your phones – for proper camera lenses, use the proper stuff. So many blurry photos out there from obviously dirty lenses.

Your cake is a super model – it’s gorgeous and deserves to be shown in the best light! Because let’s be honest, without great lightening, perfectly styled super models don’t look that crash hot either!!!

YOU invested so much love and care into making the cake, doesn’t it deserve 5 minutes of photo love too?

Now, I could go on an on with more tips, but if I can help change one cake makers photos with just 1 tip, my job here is done!

Go forth and take great snaps!

Love, luck and lollipops, Monica

Disclaimer - in an effort not to offend, I've used only my own photos for this blog - so yes, I took extra snaps just for you guys! Feeling the love yet? <3

Photo Credit to Sam Ferlauto Photography and me hehe

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