Married At First Sight 2017 - Scarlett and Michael

Married At First Sight 2017 - Scarlett and Michael

Michael and Scarlett's wedding was very different from the first wedding.

Held at Le Montage at Leichhardt, part of the Navarro group, this cake needed to be a little more edgy, fun and on trend for this couple.

Combining the ongoing fashion of semi scrapped naked cake with traditional fondant cake, this was a great combination.

Embossing the bottom tier gave it an edge, along with the flecks edible gold leaf. Pretty shades of pink roses, ranunculus flowers placed on site really tied in with the room and theme.

The cake was a combination of light organic vanilla bean cake with home made jams, curds and super lush butter creams ending with a denser rich fudge dark chocolate cake on the bottom.

We topped it with a custom made wooden topper saying Mr & Mrs.

I loved many things about this cake. It's fun but traditional.

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Photo Credit to Sam Ferlauto Photography and Nigel Wright 2016 +61409 363339.

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