MAFS 2019 - The Siren - Heidi and Mike's Wedding Cake

MAFS 2019 - The Siren - Heidi and Mike's Wedding Cake

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Planned for September 23rd, this cake is going to travel to Queensland for the wedding. Panic sets in every time I have a cake that needs to travel…. well not really panic… more like a little anxiousness.

I was a little more relaxed this year compared to last year as we have all the same crew and they were awesome last time - even sending me pictures along the way to make me feel better that the box arrived in tacked, that my instructions (all 3 pages of them) were followed to the letter and then final shots on set to say “Monica, relax, all went well…” I know I say it every time, but will say it again, the crew on the show are awesome on so many levels!.

The theme given was “Beachy Waters”. The colour palette of white, pale greens and silver as the accent.

The brief was a 3 tier, but in true cake fashion, the cakes have conversations with me while I am making them and they take me on their own journey, and this one wanted to be tier, who am I to argue?

A long trawl through Pintrest yielded lots of amazing cakes, but on in particular caught my eye for this theme, this one…..

How stunning is that? And again in true Monica fashion, I took the idea and concept and gave it my own spin on the look. To be fair, I couldn’t possibly copy her amazing talent, the best I can do is my style and technique.

What was created was one of 3 favourite cakes of this season. Combining gumpaste, fondant and whimsical wafer paper, I had a ball.

What I forgot in the creation was that it needed to travel to Queensland!! More on this later….

This was Heidi and Mike’s wedding cake.

I get asked this all the time “They are fake cakes aren’t they??” No, they are not! The cakes are all very real. Some might have inedible components but they are real cakes and serves for the guests to enjoy.

So let’s hear about this one, what’s in it?

Top tier - 4” - Vanilla Butter cake with Limoncello syrup, home made lemon curd and crushed freeze dried strawberries in white chocolate ganache (drooling? I was!)

Tier 2 - 6” - Vanilla Butter cake with Butterscotch Schnapps syrup, and white chocolate ganache

Tier 3 - 8” - Butter cake with Caramel vodka syrup, Caramel ganache with salted caramel crisps and covered in milk chocolate ganache…. omg….

And finally Tier 4 - 10” - Dark chocolate fudge cake, with creme de mont syrup, crushed mint slice in white chocolate filling and covered in rich dark chocolate ganache…. I ate all the off cuts… none to share hahaha

Sigh…. I wish I was there for servicing…. anyway… moving on….

Fondtastic Gumpaste “Waves” and utilising Chefmaster colours of colour the gumpaste various shades of green.

Whimsical sheets of wafer paper purchased from Lollipops in Brisbane gave the softness i was looking for in the second tier and for the flowers.

And finished off with torn nets of cake lace, further delving into the beachy theme of this cake.

Now for some clever engineering - cake-gineering (ok that wasn’t as funny as it seemed in my head) - The cake had to travel, as mentioned above, the “waves” etc were very delicate as they were rolled to a 6 grade thickness, so I stuck the entire cake with over 200 toothpicks… am so sorry to the crew member who had to ensure they were all out…. don’t believe me? Check this out!

Yes those are my kids you can hear playing Fortnite in the back ground and hubby sawing through cardboard boxes to create crates to ship the cakes… it’s a family business after all!

Hope you enjoyed a bit more information behind the scenes into the making of this gorgeous cakes.

Please see below for the materials and suppliers list:

Fondant - Fondtastic Ready to Roll, 4 kilo pales in white

Cake Boards - base boards and inbetween tiers - Mondo’s Cake Boards

Gumpaste - Fondtastic Gum Paste

Wafer paper - From Lollipops

Colours - Chefmaster leaf green

Cake Lace - Claire Bowmans White Cake Lace from Cake Decorating Central

Salted Caramel Crisps - Callebaut from Southern Cross Supplies

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Lots of Love, Monica

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