Married At First Sight - Season 6 - 2019 - Announced!

Married At First Sight - Season 6 - 2019 - Announced!

I am sooooo excited!!!

Channel 9 have just released the first precious clips of 2019, season 6 of Married At First Sight and doesn’t it look amazing!

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To recap, at least on the cakes, we at Moreish delivered no less than 8 cakes, 2 of which traveled to safely to Brisbane/Gold Coast from Sydney by the awesomely talented and clever crew in the Art team headed by Ben and Marc.

The above photos of the couples are courtesy of the official 9Now website and from the couples wedding albums - the individual cake photos are our and taken by Sam Ferlauto Photography

I don’t know about anyone else, but in 2018 hubby and I were glued to the tv screens and when I say glued…. I mean glued…. if I watched an episode without hubby, boy did he get dirty with me about it!

Like every year, we say we will only watch the beginning, to see the cakes and then we got hooked again… sucked into the drama… sucked into every dinner party, ever partner swap, every whisper.. everything!!!

My fav part of the series, was hubby yelling at the screen as Davina and Dean outright lied on so many occasions had we been having a game of shots for each lie, I would have fallen off the couch blind drunk! Hubby’s total disgust for it was was only surpassed by my shocked expressions…. just when I thought I had seen ti all…. the show delivered another twist… Days of Our Lives had nothing on Season 5!

And with that, my expectations for Season 6 is grand… or should I say epic!!!! I would love to say I am watching for the cakes… and I am… but to see people’s true nature played out on our big screen is something no script could ever deliver… bring it!!!!

Stay tuned for more announcements soon!!!

Cheers, Monica - Moreish Cakes <3

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