Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - Monochrome Drip Cake with Flowers and Fruit

Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - Monochrome Drip Cake with Flowers and Fruit

Location - Audely House - 2 Carrington Drive, Audley

Date - 21/9/2017

Bride and Groom - Blaire and Sean

Colour Palette - Natural, Wood, Fruit and Fauna

Theme - Park, Forest

Style/Design - Organic, fresh fruits and flowers - drip cake

Flowers - Fresh Australian flowers provided by the crazy talented Mel from  Unique Weddings

Tier 1 -Top - 7" -Extended Tier -  Round - Lemon butter cake with Limoncello syrup, homemade strawberry and lemon jam and Italian meringue buttercream with organic vanilla bean

Tier 2 - Bottom - 9" - Extended tier - Round Shaped - Strawberry and vanilla swirl cake with strawberry and vodka syrup, homemade blueberry jam and Italian meringue buttercream with organic vanilla bean

Easy brief, drip cake, natural elements, forest/park location, very natural. We looked at oodles of inspo shots and the team loved the concrete buttercream finish. Right up my alley!

In September, figs were no where to be found. And what I did find, were terrible and not camera worthy, so I went with passion fruits, strawberry and blueberries.

The berries I dusted with pearl shimmer to make them pop. It gave them a really nice pearl/opaque finish.

Macarons, homemade meringues and a white chocolate drip finished off the look. 

Onsite I added some gorgeous flowers that Mel from the Art Team had left for me to tie the entire look into the room.

I supplied a little side cake for the crew to enjoy (as I always try and make a little smeothing special for them too) but they liked the look so much of the smaller cake in the set up, it stayed and got styled for the shoot too! 

How stunning was the reception set up?

I didn't even know this place existed. Looking on the map, it was a good 45 min drive to get to, which would have been fine normally but it was almost 40 degrees  (in September, wtf!?!?!) and the cake was all organic vanilla bean Italian meringue buttercream frosting., so it was very soft and delicate and super delicious.... So I chilled the fridge right down to the lowest setting over night for transport and basically screamed all the way there, driving like Miss Daisy... 

Now for the fun bit - if you have ever been to Bundeena, or this location you would know (and I didn't!!!) it's a long, long, winding, narrow, bumpy, winding, narrow and did I mention bumpy?road down the boat shed at Audley House... did I mention it was bumpy? 

I was literally peeing my knickers all the way down, so not only was I in a panic with the heat with the sun on the delivery car, but now I had a steep track to contend with and people up my ass flashing me to get a wriggle on.

I refused to pull over and check on the cake as I figured, there was no point as I wouldn't be able to fix any damage anyway, what will be, will be....I had a cake kit with me, but if anything went wrong, I doubt it would have saved me...

I think, I uttered "fuck"  close to 100 times by the time the road flattened out and I could see the Boat Shed loom up on the right.

My heart was still in my mouth as I parked and jumped out the car, swung open the back doors and expected to see a collapsed cake.... oh the relief... it was perfectly intact and tears welled up as I seriously thought I was screwed with this one.... 

Who got to watch the cake on Channel 9? Was lots of footage of the bride and groom cutting the cake, which looked so soft and moist (yes I said it, MOIST!), taking out a big wedge and feeding some to each other... it was awesome!!

Photo below thanks to the Married at First Sight Wedding Gallery:


Mwuah, Monica xx

Product Information:

Baking Pans - Mondo Pro Deep Round Pans

Cake Boards - Masonite and Cake Boards by Mondo and Kware

Topper - provided by the Art Department from Married At First Sight

Styling and fresh flowers - on set by Unique Weddings

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