Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - That Copper Cake!

Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - That Copper Cake!

Location - Noosa, Queensland - yes, my cakes traveled from Sydney to Noosa for this wedding!!

Bride and Groom - Davina and Ryan

Date - 23/9/2017

Colour Palette - Brown, copper/rose gold and black

Theme - Bohemian

Style/Design - Earthy - Pininterest Inspo Shot -  Design credit to talented team at The Foxtail Bakeshop Oregon USA  - isn't it smashing! Find them on Instagram!

Flowers - None, hand crafted edible black strawberries and leaves

Tier 1 -Top - 4" - Round - Chocolate/Cherry Fudge cake with choc/cherry Syrup, and cherry ripe chocolate ganache filling - yummo!

Tier 2 - 2nd - 6" - Extended tier - Round Shaped - Chocolate fudge cake with mint vodka syrup and white chocolate mint slice filling (omg!!)

Tier 3 - 3rd - 8" - Round Shaped - Vanilla Buttercake with turkish delight frosting

Tier 4 - Bottom - 10" -  Round Shaped - Chocolate fudge cake with strawberry Baileys syrup, and crushed freeze dried strawberry white chocolate ganache.

My heart skipped a beat when the head of the Art team showed me this cake he had found on PinInterest and says I really want this cake for this Boho wedding, can you do it?

"Hell yes!" Was my reply "but can I add a bit of my own flair to it?", "Absolutely!" And with that off I went to source materials and add a little Moreish flair to it.

Starting with tier spacers, gumpaste strawberries, flowers and leaves, edible black lace, edible gold leaf etc. Yes, this was the most expensive cake of the series and it traveled the furthest.

Marbeling the chocolate fondant for the top tiers was lots of fun as I had a vision in mine to incorporate additional colours and dimensions to it and it worked a treat! The beauty of using Chocolate fondant is that it blends perfectly with the flavours on the inside.

Next, came the challenge of "coppering" or "rose" golding the edible gold leaf - a few failed experiments and then a little dusting and air brushing with a light touch helped get the colour right. It tore a lot and I had to piece it together and dust off the excess bits (which meant i lost more colour and had to touch up here and there - won't be doing that again!) The separator tier was Styrofoam.

The next challenge was how to create it to that it could travel. Confirming with the team that it would go up by camera crew trucks (this gave me a bit more peace of mind!) I ensured it had a tall centre dowel, each tier doweled well, and then boxed up in 2 boxes with a step by step instructions sheet for onsite. 

So the top 2 tiers were in one box, and the bottom 2 tiers with the spacer in the second box.

Sam, (he's such a cutie!) from the crew traveled with the cake and the team set up on site in a huge teepee for the reception and sent me a photo, I just gushed! They did such an awe inspiring job!! My fav pic and cake of the season for sure (though there is another one coming that will dazzle and are just about on par too)!

Want to learn how to make that fabulous bottom tier that have caught everyone's eye? I will be doing a class in Brisbane in May and launching it at Australia's International Cake Show  - Click Here to book your seat - Limited spots! Scroll down to find Monica Cavallaro workshop!

Photos thanks to Channel Nine from the wedding Gallery.

Mwuah, Monica xx

Product Information:

Fondant - Fondtastic RTR Chocolate, Black and  White Fondant

Gumpaste - Fondtastic Gum Paste

Baking Pans - Mondo Pro Deep Round Pans

Cake Boards - Masonite and Cake Boards by Mondo and Kware

Airbrush - Mondo Airbrush System

Edible Paints - Miranda's Edible Art Paints for the space and top tier with some rose gold petal dust and rose spirit to boot.

Topper - provided by the Art Department from Married At First Sight

Styling and fresh flowers - on set by Unique Weddings


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