Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - Flowers Cake

Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - Flowers Cake

See behind the scenes of us the making of this gorgeous cake - Click here

Location - Vaucluse House - Wentworth Road, Vaucluse

Date - 22/9/2017

Bride and Groom - Tracey and Dean

Colour Palette - White and gold

Theme - Elegance

Style/Design - Fine details, elegance, Stylish

Inspiration Cake/Photo - Courtesy of Pininterest:

Flowers - Sugar Blooms- hand crafted sugar blooms - bright colours

Tier 1 -Top - 7" - Round - Alternate layers of Vanilla and Chocolate cake with Malibu syrup and banana white chocolate ganache 

Tier 2 - Bottom- 9" - extended tier - Hexagon Shaped - Chocolate fudge cake with cherry syrup and Turkish Delight Buttercream frosting

Gorgeous drive to this venue. Another bumpy drive way on a super hot day meant I was screaming again as I pulled up on location. Anyone who delivers cakes will know about the screaming while you're driving thing....

There was a huge flurry of activity occurring as the crew were busy setting up the venue is the sweltering heat of an unusually hot September day.

As always the crew are amazing and helpful, rushing out to help me get the cake and set up. 

The place is really romantic - lots of wooden windows, exposed paneling, stunning views.... am thinking of adding it to my list of return visits.

We set up, take a few snaps and some of the location wait staff take a few photos of the cake on their phones. This cake was such a stunner with the colourful spray of flowers at the front! 

I stay for a little while as we d a quick interview about the cake, am so flustered with the heat etc that I think was my worst interview yet! Hard to talk on camera, by yourself and no script!! Don't think that footage will make it to the website hahah

Mwuah, Monica xx

Product Information:

Fondant - Fondtastic RTR White Fondant

Gumpaste - Fondtastic Gum Paste

Baking Pans - Mondo Pro Deep Round Pans

Cake Boards - Masonite and Cake Boards by Mondo and Kware

Airbrush - Mondo Airbrush System

Topper - provided by the Art Department from Married At First Sight

Fresh Flowers at the venue by Mel at Unique Wedding Flowers 

See behind the scenes of us the making of this gorgeous cake - Click here

Photos from Dean and Tracey's Wedding Album from 9Now:

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