Married At First Sight 2017 - Nadia and Anthony

Married At First Sight 2017 - Nadia and Anthony

Wedded on the Sea Deck on Sydney's gorgeous Sydney Harbour, this was my FAVOURITE wedding cake of all 6!!! 

Nadia and Anthony were such a stunning looking couple so their cake had to be an equal knock out! 

Nadia and Anthony's showstopper wedding cake

This one I truly went to town on. Drawing in different height tiers, separated tier with the top tier suspended on a glass cake stand above the rest of the cake. Edible cake laces that matched so well with the Sea Deck's railings, hand painted molding, hand painted initials, beading, and those glorious hand crafted sugar blooms that ranged from Anemones, buds, foliage  to fantasy flowers.

The middle tier detail... dusted in pale green and ivory lustres, this cake won my heart. Those top tier flowers....

For me, the reaction from the crew when I delivered this one told me everything. It had the WOW factor I was hoping to achieve!

Cut that cake!!! Bit scared here in case it toppled!

The amount of work that the art team poured into every detail of this wedding was amazing. I stood there for a good 10 minutes taking in all the blooms, it was spectacular and I don't think is shone through on the screen. It truly deserved mention!

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Love, Monica <3 

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