Married At First Sight 2017 - Deb, John and "That" Orange Gluten Free Cake!

Married At First Sight 2017 - Deb, John and "That" Orange Gluten Free Cake!

Ahhh last but not least we have Deb and John's wedding...Held at the very windy but gorgeous views of Horizon's at Maroubra with Topcat Catering this wedding was set to be loads of fun with a tropical theme for a brief.

Requested was an orange ombre cake with hibiscus flowers. It fit in beautifully with the theme and styling of the wedding reception and the over look.

The crew on site all cooed as the cake arrived saying, "smashing, just what we envisaged". And onsite, I fell more in love with it!

The cake was set up with a Just Married custom made topper and then replaced with one of the cute ceramic bride and groom toppers. Both looked great on site and I have snaps of them to share!

Sunset Ombre Tropical themed wedding cake

The beach set up was amazing and we had a quick tour with me going "oohhh" and "ahhh" at everything!

I did have a giggle at the chair that was custom built to take the bride down to the wedding ceremony. I was thinking those poor fellows on this super hot day!

Just a quick note on those comments made as I had quite a few calls and messages about why I didn't make what the bride wanted.... We nearly all fell off our seats on the night when Deb had a mini melt down on her honeymoon and sprouted "I got an orange cake and it wasn't even gluten free.. I didn't get anything I wanted".... In all honesty, I was taken back for about 2 minutes as I made exactly what we were asked to make, gluten free was NOT requested, we followed the brief 100% ..... and in my opinion, it was STUNNING!

I am sorry for Deb that the cake wasn't what she wanted for her special day it.

It was not our intention to let anyone down. Quite the opposite, we hoped for big smiles and joy as they enjoyed our cakes.

And for those reading this blog, I can assure you, we follow our direct client's wishes and direction perfectly.

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Breathing a sigh of relief as the social media attention this cake got was all in good humour as we made it with love! Monica <3 

Photo Credit to Sam Ferlauto Photography and Nigel Wright 2016 +61409 363339.

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