Married At First Sight 2017 - Cheryl and Jonathan

Married At First Sight 2017 - Cheryl and Jonathan

Well... what a start to series 4 on Channel for Married at First Sight!!!!

I was glued to the tv.. if I wasn't cringing at the awkwardness of the first wedding, I was crying tears of joy at the second one! But frankly, who cares about the weddings.... Did you see our first cake!!!

Cheryl and Jonathan's Cake

This gorgeous little number was based off design elements from various cake decorators but more notably, Faye Cahill!

The brief was simple, kept white, elegant, stylish and classic... who else does it better than her! Flipping through a few ideas on line, we drew elements from various cakes into this one. It's not until you are up close does the drama of it truly appear.

This cake incorporated matt finish with lustre finishes on alternate layers, royal icing stenciling, hand crafted edible sugar blooms, border molding and a stunning ruffle ball topper all presented on a fondant covered and finished board with cleats.

This wedding reception was in Center Point tower in Sydney. The shots of the cake on TV were sublime and I squealed at ever glance.

I had tears when they showed lots of footage of the cake being cut and was super proud as the groom waved a slice of the cake around the air, and it's didn't fall apart, telling me, it was moist and not crumbly... go us! Sorry was a bit proud at that moment....

Ruffle Ball Topper

I did have a couple comments come back to me from various sources regarding the topper that was seen on the show.... it's a tv wedding, for a show,  how they choose to style a cake once it's completely is entirely up to the client in my opinion! I feel exactly the same way when client's place birthday candles on their cakes... it's their cake, what people choose to do with it, is their pleasure and that's awesome by me.

The cute little ceramic bride and groom were adorable and the art team did a fabulous job on site with flowers, arrangements etc - Just a pleasure to se see it all come together!. Can't wait to see the rest of the cakes now!

Cut that cake!!

mmmmm cake has that effect on most people, you can't blame them really! haha

For more on Cheryl and Jonathan's wedding please Click Here

Hope you enjoyed the first episode as much as we did!!

All the best for your futures! Monica <3 

Photo Credit to Sam Ferlauto Photography and Nigel Wright 2016 +61409 363339.

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