Married At First Sight 2017 - Alene and Simon

Married At First Sight 2017 - Alene and Simon

Alene and Simon's wedding was cute to watch. The combining of cultures. The quirky brides maid...

Dance floor boogie.

The cake needed to be a little more classic and the brief included Alene's heritage, so drawing upon previous cakes I have designed for middle eastern heritage cakes, it needed a touch of gold, class and refinery.

The wedding cake in all it's glory!

A giant Magnolia sugar bloom on top was truly the icing on the cake for this stunner. 

The closer you got the the cake, the more details you would see.

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Lots of love, Monica <3 

Photo Credit to Sam Ferlauto Photography and Nigel Wright 2016 +61409 363339.

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