MAFS 2020 - Circles of Love - Poppy and Luke's Wedding Cake

MAFS 2020 - Circles of Love - Poppy and Luke's Wedding Cake

Who was watching as Poppy went on to describe her ex husband’s tragic accident that lead her to the show? It was (sadly) so funny that it went straight over my mum’s head and I had to explain it to her - she thought it was an accident!

For those playing at home…. in a nut shell…. was a tragic accident where her ex husband “fell into his co-workers vagina and has been stuck in there ever since…” Sorry not sorry for that but am quoting Poppy and still laughing about it.

From there it was an emotional roller coaster ride of emotions for Poppy, from wog mamma missing her kids, to melt down moments on the main table, when finally her besties gave her an upper cut and told her to pull herself together and realise, she is hurting her new husband too… not sure if the damage can be undone but men are pretty easy to make happy…. food… praise… and sex…. works for me every time!

I like them both, i hold out hopes!

Enough of that, now onto more important things… the cake!!!

Thankfully this one had a fair bit of screen time with them cutting the cake, eating the cake and then a side shot of it! Squeal - yes I did squeal!

The wedding was stunning with amazing blooms by Mel from Unique Wedding - check out the wedding album here And that cake!!!!

These images are from screen grabs from Channel 9 - took me an hour to get them!

The theme was Lace, Boho, macrame and ivory.

This design I came up with very quickly but the execution took me forever as I had to change proportions as I was making the cake as it didn’t look right.

Here are my sketches - it was supposed to have a tall tier instead of 2 tiers on top of the base, but it wasn’t meant to be, so after finishing to fondant the large tier and placing it on-top of the cake, I ripped it all apart and redid it.

In a nut shell, with a sharp knife, I cut through the large tier, maintaining the sides and just adding a little ganache to reseal the cake and adding a top fondant lid, so I kept the square shape of the middle tier and then using Dahna from CutterCraft torting cutter rings (if you don’t have these, they are a MUST!) I have all the rings - best investment ever and a pure life saver for this cake.

Next up was extruding the middle section. As i had made the panel large to fit the tall tier, chopped that down too and used the extra bits for decoration at the front of the cake to tie the entire look in.

Next up was the isomalt, I had this idea to make lace isomalt flowers, but time wasn’t on my side to fiddle fart around them so I scrapped the test very quickly, opting for a dream weaver look with isomat lace hoops. These looked amazing on the cake!

Nothing shows a cake off better than a video I recon!

Moving on, what products have I used to create this cake without giving all the information away?

Fondant is by Fondtastic

Isomalt by Over The Top

Cake Lace - own recipe

Extruder by Mondo (it’s super strong for jobs like this)

And what was inside the cake? As you know, all cakes on the show are real, no styro or fake tiers:

Top Tier - Vanilla cake with limoncello syrup, home made mixed berry jam and whipped white chocolate ganache.

Middle Tier - Vanilla cake with limoncello syrup, home made mixed berry jam and whipped white chocolate ganache.

Bottom tier - Salted Caramel cake with caramel syrup, a layer of salted caramel and layers of whipped chocolate ganache!

Thanks for having a read and let me know if you have any questions down below!


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