MAFS 2020 - Whisper - The Zephyrus - Cathy and Josh's Wedding Cake

MAFS 2020 - Whisper - The Zephyrus - Cathy and Josh's Wedding Cake

Gush…. sigh…. smiles…. I have a couple of favourite cakes this season as this one of them.

Cathy and Josh’s wedding was stunning!!! And that cake!!!!

Called The Whisper - Zephyrus (The Gods of the West Winds) this cake had me cooing more and more as I worked on it. So much so, I must have taken 100 pics of it.

Rice paper sails and flowers were so new when I designed this cake, only a handful of people around the world were working with it, and I was one of the first to create rice paper flowers in 6 different designs!

You might be asking what else is so special about this cake? So glad you asked!!!

Firstly, the cake is an off set design, meaning, each tier is not centred on top of each other, but rather all to one side, so one side, all sides match, forming a a flush side and a wider step down per tier.

Next up, the finish of the cake, while fondant was a special velvet finish - so while the edges were sharp and crisp, the finish was soft and fluffy…. for me, it’s always about the details and extra touches. Often, it’s subtle and only noticeable up close and other times, it’s in your face - a woman of many sides!

Now for the crowning glory, the rise paper sails in ombre golds and pearl with scattered rice paper flowers. These rush up the side of the cake to give it an air of movement to the cake.

I have to be honest, in real life, this cake was breathtaking. The shimmers, the translucent sails…. ok I am still gushing over it!.

I can’t even begin to tell you the work involved and the lessons and hints and tips I mastered before doing this cake, mater of fact, I won’t, as I’ve created a class for this cake!! Yessssss class have just been released at Cake Decorating Central both in Sydney and Melbourne to coincide with the launch of the show and this beautiful cake!

The joy of this technique and class, is that the learnings are so transferable to so many other designs. Since completing this cake, I have created a further 8 to 9 cakes from what I learnt. Definitely a worth while and economical 2 day class to attend if you can make it.

If you are an overseas cake maker and want to do the class also, please contact me, or ask your local cake decorating store to consider hosting me for classes - I bring with me a host of classes to share and I promise, they are always a lot of fun!.

Moving on, what products have I used to create this cake without giving all the information away?

Fondant is by Fondtastic

Flower wires by Loyal Bakeware

Gel Colours by Chefmaster

Metallic paints by Miranda’s Edible Paints - Sweet Sticks available for all good cake decorating stores

Metallic dusts by Over the Top Edible metallic Dusts

And what was inside the cake? As you know, all cakes on the show are real, no styro or fake tiers:

Top Tier - Dark Chocolate fudge cake with Bailey’s syrup and whipped buttery milk chocolate ganache

Middle Tier - Vanilla cake with limoncello syrup, home made mixed berry jam and whipped white chocolate ganache.

Bottom tier - Salted Caramel cake with caramel syrup, a layer of salted caramel and layers of whipped chocolate ganache!

Thanks for having a read and let me know if you have any questions down below!


Monica and Team - Moreish Cakes

Can I kindly ask, if you love my cakes for MAFS and wish to recreate them, please tag me into your social media posts, firstly, i would love to see the inspiration I may have contributed to but secondly, would love to start sharing students and cake makers world wide! My socials include Facebook and Instagram

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