MAFS 2020 - The Lemnos - Ivan and Alek's Wedding Cake

MAFS 2020 - The Lemnos - Ivan and Alek's Wedding Cake

My other favourite cake of this series!!! This one had the wow factor onsite - suited the reception hall perfectly…Ivan and Alek’s wedding had the wow factor with her dress, the cascade of flowers and all the gold!!!

And the reception hall was…. The Lemnos in Belmore. Yes I am getting very creative with my cake names this season! To be honest, decided to make my life easier and name most of them after locations so it’s like needing to remember less :D

Funny story here, I have lived in Strathfield for the past 22 years… Belmore is literally up the road. Do you think I even knew this place existed?!?! Nope! Even when the crew gave me the address, I was thinking “They have it wrong, no reception house in Belmore….. boy was I wrong!

This place was expanse and lavish! Like a hidden gem at the end of a drive, it loomed up and mum and I looked at each other in surprise (for the record, she didn’t know about it either).

Walking into the venure was jaw dropping - the crew were busy preparing an amazing cascade of flowers over the dance floor as I followed one the crew in with the cake.

The theme of the wedding was white and gold and you can see from the photos, the back drop was amazing so the cake was like double wow.

Now I am italian so anything flashy catches my eye and this place had me all excited (planning on booking a function!) Check out these pics I managed to grab before leaving.

Let’s talk cake…. what was used to make it?

Fondant and Gumpaste by Fondtastic

Edible gold petal dust by Over The Top Gold

Gel Colours by Chefmaster

Wafer paper from Lollipops

Royal icing by Mondo Royal Icing

Some process pics for you below:

Check out a couple of location shots!

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