MAFS 2020 - Curzon Romance - Liz and Wedding Cake

MAFS 2020 - Curzon Romance - Liz and Wedding Cake

Second time round for Elizabeth and this is my second wedding cake I have made for her.

This time, a special request came with it, gluten free cupcakes for the bride - which made me think that she wouldn’t have eaten the first cake with Sam.

So included for Liz this time, were a dozen, uber cute cliche gluten free cupcakes. I later discovered after speaking to her that she never got to eat them, as she asked if the cake was gluten free and everyone said no, and she was never offered the cupcakes. Bugger!! At least I can show them now!

Let’s take a step back, it’s Monday, a couple weeks after I finished up the main wedding cakes for all the MAF’s Sydney and North Coast weddings and I get a call about a last minute wedding. Now, this being my 4th season with the show, was anticipating it this time! That means no crazy panic this time round.

This wedding feels a little different in the conversation. Very hush hush. Words like, last second, just been organised, on the quiet etc etc.

Details? Curzon Hall Marsfield - if you remember, this was Cyrell and Nick’s wedding location last year. While I am not really biased when it comes to reception halls, I have to admit, Curzon Hall is one I always like to go to. Not only for the grand rooms, and the more modern, recently built ball room next door to the main house, but the Cellar… now that is a special place for a fun reception!

Anyway, moving on…. team is happy with a buttercream cake, with a twist. Ironically, Liz’s first wedding cake was buttercream, but last time it was semi naked and this time… well…

3 tiers of beautiful luscious cake, covered in lashings of organic vanilla bean italian meringue buttercream. Finished in an ontrend fault line style, but with a twist - hidden in the groves was stenciled buttercream, gold accents and cake lace.

Onsite, the cake was adorned with gorgeous fresh blooms from Unique Weddings’s amazing florist and long time MAFS Stylist and Florist, Mel and finished of with cascades of crushed meringues.

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