MAFS 2019 - The Whisper - Tamara and Dan's Wedding Cake

MAFS 2019 - The Whisper - Tamara and Dan's Wedding Cake

This blog follows on from the conversation of “The Precious” cake - but here is a recap of how it came to be:

Any cake maker reading this will love this - Tuesday morning phone call ensues:

Caller - “Hey Moni, you up and functioning?”

Me - yawns “Yep, what’s happening?”

Caller - “You are not going to like me very much”

Me - laughs “Go on, what have you done?”

Caller - silence and a deep breath “What’s the chance of 2 more wedding cakes, one for Thursday and one for Friday?”

Me - Panic rising “Next week?”

Caller - laughs “No, this week, 2 days time” nervous laughs

Me - am wide awake now “ok, (deep breath) hit me, what’s the brief and where?” (Mentally already working out to bake, torte and decorate show stoppers in 24 hours)

Caller - “What ever you can do, anything, what ever you can fit in please?”

Me - laughs thinking I also had 3 client weddings cakes that week “Deal, but can you give me a colour pallet at least?”

Caller - “For this one anything white black and gold, not too much black, it’s going on a boat so make it stable.…”

Me - passes out.

Compared to the drive for The Precious, this one was easy. The crew met me right at the Kings Street Wharf, grabbed the cake and took care of everything for me. I headed home to complete my other 3 client wedding cakes for the weekend.

The irony of The Whisper and The Precious? Aside from The Isis (The square cake) these were why fav as were typical to my style plus for cake I literally whipped up, they are stunning (If I may say so myself,,, don’t zoom in!) And something I would create as a signature. I love textures and metallics while still looking like a wedding cake.

I had fun whipping this one up, playing with protions rather than the usual 2” difference and leaving a shelf on the bottom tier for the flowers.

I used Over the Top Gourmet edible pens to black outline the petals - striking arne’t they?

I love how the tiers are structured and not your traditional height and width

What materials did I use to create this cake?

Fondant – Fondtastic

Gumpaste – Fondtastic

Boards – Mondo Boards by Kware

Balling Modelling tool - Mondo by Kware

Gold Leaf – Over the Top Gold Leaf by Kware – Fondtastic

Edible black pen - Over the Top gourmet edible pens by Kware

Pearl Spray – Chefmaster Pearl Spray by Kware

Uniforms and Aprons – Direct Uniforms

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Cheers, Monica xx

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