MAFS 2019 - The Temptress - Modeling Chocolate Wedding Cake - Jessika and Mick

MAFS 2019 - The Temptress - Modeling Chocolate Wedding Cake - Jessika and Mick

23rd of September and this gorgeous create was going out for her big debut - heart in mouth as always when one of my babies is traveling up to Byron Bay to a gorgeous Macadamia farm for the wedding, we custom created a box, with lots of supports and written instructions to ensure her safe arrival.

The wedding for Jessika and Mick, was simply stunning - the flowers and the styling by Melissa from Unique weddings was divine!

Check out the wedding album here for the full set up and a glimpse of the cake.

The brief was an easy one, Elegant and rustic, opting for a white chocolate finish.

The location? A Macadamia far up north. Hence the colour hues and the softer finishes.

I had a couple of choices with the finishing of this one, I mean, I can buy or colour fondant to make a soft ivory but wanted to share what a difference modeling chocolate can make, not only to the finish of your cake, the softness of the detains but MORE importantly, the taste!! People actually eat the coverings of this cake, as it’s most people’s fav thing in the world… chocolate!!!

My clients LOVE a cake completed in modeling chocolate. And yes it costs A LOT more to do but so worth it.

My favourite by far is Chocit Modeling chocolate from the crazy talented New Zealander Kevin Martin - also know internationally as the Cake Profiler. (am adding in lots f links to Chocit online so you can access the information on the forum you like it on)

Chocit is great on it own for modeling, or mixed with Fondtastic for another medium all together.

For this cake, I did a variation of techniques and processes with both Chocit and Fondtastic.

A bit of info on how some of the tiers were done?

Firstly, i rolled out some fondant super thin, left it out over night to dry out and then crushed it up.

Covered the tier in Fondtastic white (doesn't matter the colour as it will be painted later) then sponged on Edible Sugar Glue, Then, making a huge mess, stuck hand fulls of the crush up fondant and left to dry for a few hours.

Once dry, I painted in edible rose gold petal dust.

For the top and bottom tier detail, I rolled out 3 thin layers of modeling chocolate, then mixed 50/50 Chocit and Fondtastic and rolled out another 3 thin layers, and then 3 thin layers of plain white Fondtastic.

Laying them in alternate layers a quick roll to press them together gently and rolled up into a long sausage, then with a super sharp knife, i sliced of 1mm slithers.

Using a balling tool, balled the round and shaped it into a ruffle and lef to dry for a couple of hours before attaching to the bottom tier - the beauty of using modeling chocolate for this work is 2 things, firstly, it retain a level of softness that allows you to move the ruffles around, even the next day if you need to and secondly, is soft and easy to cut through for the Bride and Groom, so no bits of cracking fondant flying off as they cut into it - I’ve seen it at many weddings and it’s hilarious! Plus, it’s gross to try and eat… crunch crunch crunch crunch hahaha

Then from there I used the same technique as above, but used Sedar’s tutorial to add them to the top the tier for a little detail and softness to the cake - I loved the final effect - subtle and warm… so s pretty!!

What’s inside this beauty?

4” - Moreish Vanilla cake with white chocolate truffle

6” - Dark chocolate fudge cake with Bitter Chocolate truffle

8” - Moreish Vanilla cake with white chocolate truffle and Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Strawberries

10” - Dark chocolate fudge cake with salted caramel crisps, caramel ganache and marbled ganache finish marbled

Couple of pics of the insides:

Modelling Chocolate - Chocit - Available in Australia from most good Cake Decorating stores or online direct from New Zealand

Fondant - Fondtastic Ready to Roll Fondant in White and Ivory

Modeling Tools - Mondo by Kware

Boards – Mondo Boards by Kware

Cake Smoothers - Mondo by Kware

Smoother - Mondo by Kware

Rolling Pin - Mondo by Kware because i like them big and size does matter hahahhaha

Uniforms and Aprons – Direct Uniforms

Want to learn more? Check out our Classes page for more hands on help

Lots of Love, Monica

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