MAFS 2019 -The Precious  - Light Up Wedding Cake Susie and Billy

MAFS 2019 -The Precious - Light Up Wedding Cake Susie and Billy

Any cake maker reading this will love this - Tuesday morning phone call ensues:

Caller - “Hey Moni, you up and functioning?”

Me - yawns “Yep, what’s happening?”

Caller - “You are not going to like me very much”

Me - laughs “Go on, what have you done?”

Caller - silence and a deep breath “What’s the chance of 2 more wedding cakes, one for Thursday and one for Friday?”

Me - Panic rising “Next week?”

Caller - laughs “No, this week, 2 days time” nervous laughs

Me - am wide awake now “ok, (deep breath) hit me, what’s the brief and where?” (Mentally already working out to bake, torte and decorate show stoppers in 24 hours)

Caller - “What ever you can do, anything, what ever you can fit in please?”

Me - laughs thinking I also had 3 client weddings cakes that week “Deal, but can you give me a colour pallet at least?”

Caller - “For this one is Elegance, white and gold, it’s going to be at the majestic Lindesay House at Darling Point…”

Me - passes out.

Don’t ask me what was in this cake, as honestly, was such a rush and crazy, I forgot to take notes!! FFS!!

I can however, tell you about every cake makers nightmare - a bad drive to the venue…

This was the cake in my studio, it’s stunning. I added in lights, it was tall, amazing, smooth and perfect.

I have the cake dismantled and supported in the back of cake van - the top tier is one piece though, from the square tier and up.

Driving across Anzac Bridge, a twat (yes, he was a twat as not only did he do this to me, but to several other people as I watched in horror as he made his way up the road), decided to come flying up behind me, (I was doing the speed limit!!) cuts off the driver next to me in the left lane, and then over takes me from the left but cuts in so hard that I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him (yes it was that close when we looked back on the dash cam, hubby agreed, I would have dusted him off) I hear that heart wrenching “THUD” come from the back…. I feel sick.

My hand on my horn, and a flurry of disgusting obscenities later, I know I can’t pull over, as am on the flipping bridge now, I take a deep breath and think, “Don’t look, nothing you can do anyway, fix what you can onsite..” and I watch in horror as that f*ck knuckle does the same thing to 2 other cars… I was road ragging by then…I get a little lost finding the drive way to Lindesay House and end up coming up the garden end, where I can see the Celebrant performing the ceremony and there is the bride and groom, both are gorgeous, like living dolls - I am so close with my van I recon you might see me in the background!

Finally, find the right drive, crew dash out to give me a hand (they are always awesome and come running to help me carry the heavy cakes)

I say to the team “Wait a second, I thing we have a disaster” as I slowly open the back doors, holding my breath…”

There, laying on it’s side, against the corner of the box was my perfect top section, smooshed on side and all damaged and mangled… sigh….

The crew, jump back in horror. They were right, it looked a right royal mess (insert sad face here)

Rule number 1 of cake deliveries - always.. ALWAYS have an emergency cake kit with you on ALL deliveries. It should include at the very least the following:

  • Extra flowers and

  • Cake wire

  • Extra matching fondant

  • Sugar glue

  • A mini rolling pin

  • A smoother and a set of smother sharpies

  • A dusting pouch

  • A small silicone mat to roll fondant out on

  • Wire snips

  • Toothpicks

  • Floral tape

  • Sprinkles or edible beads to match the cake.

Thank god I had all of the above….

Rush the cake inside, popped in a corner, out of camera view, I spend the next hour trying to repair the damage to at least have the cake, “camera ready”

I sneak a few peaks around the corner to watch the ceremony had finished and the Bride and Groom are walking up towards the house - the bride smiles, I smile back, she is so pretty!

Cake finished, took a few new snaps and dash off relieve. It looks a bit different to what it was, but hey, still pretty and a lucky save!

Did I mention that guy was a twat? If I had him infont of me at the time i finished I might have stabbed him repeatedly with a blunt instrument.

And this is my happy face driving home, pressure free…

What materials did I use to create this cake?

Fondant – Fondtastic

Gumpaste – Fondtastic

Boards – Mondo Boards by Kware

Balling Modelling tool - Mondo by Kware

Gold Leaf – Over the Top Gold Leaf by Kware – Fondtastic

Pearl Spray – Carolines from Lollipops

Uniforms and Aprons – Direct Uniforms

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Cheers, Monica xx

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