MAFS 2016 - The Matilda - Melissa and Dino's Cake - Rustic Buttercream

MAFS 2016 - The Matilda - Melissa and Dino's Cake - Rustic Buttercream

What do you want? Rustic Buttercream…. they say…. Monica twitches… OCD kicks in and I make it all smooth, then I have to mess it up… takes me longer to mess it up than make it smooth…. Yes people.. the struggle is real….

The brief is rustic – buttercream palette finish, fresh flowers onsite. Simples right?

Not when you like things smooth and well finished…it’s a challenge!

There was no Inspo for this, we eyed off a couple of Italian themed wedding with olive branches but it went differently on set up - typical of me really…

Arriving at those gorgeous gate for the Windsor polo club, we were in awe. The location was a fabulous huge rustic wooden barn – I LOVED it!!! The team were creating a huge round floral  wreath hanging at the  front of the barn when I arrived, the “chapel” set up out the front, was divine!

 Upon seeing the wreath at the front, I immediately delved into my cake box of tricks and whipped out a heap of florist wire and decided to create a matching cake topper with the gorgeous flowers Melissa from Unique Weddings had left for me. Took me about an hour to finish dressing the cake to match the barn set up and on standing back, love love love! The Colours so popped!

 Mommy was with me too and took lots of awesome shots – love them! Sorry about the filters, but her fingers didn’t realise she had changed them so we have some interesting photos to enjoy - let’s just call them vintage!

You have to giggle at my struggle to make a custom topper with minimal supplies!

So what are we eating?

4” Moreish Vanilla Buttercake with Limoncello syrup, homemade strawberry jam and Lemonade italian meringue buttercream (a personal fav right here!)

6” Moreish Vanilla Buttercake with Mandarincello syrup, homemade strawberry jam with Italian meringue buttercream

8” Moreish Vanilla Buttercake with Mandarincello syrup, homemade lemon curd (with lemons from my garden) and Lemonade Italian meringue buttercream

10” Moreish Vanilla Buttercake with Limoncello with home made lemon curd and Italian meringue buttercream

Check out pages 26 of Melissa and Dino’s wedding album!

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Cheers, Monica

Gorgeous shot thanks to the Nine for photo credit:

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