MAFS 2019 - The Dianna - Semi Naked Cake  - Elizabeth & Sam

MAFS 2019 - The Dianna - Semi Naked Cake - Elizabeth & Sam

Am sitting here writing this blog weeks out from the show going to air and I can already feel the drama here…don’t know why….so not sure what to type in the intro for this blog… I’ve re-written the opening paragraph 4 times…. I’ve given up… am moving on… let’s talk about cake baby….

The brief was country, roses, rustic, semi naked buttercream cake

We know semi naked cakes have been done to death, (well not really but I like to embellish!) so I thought how can I add a little touch of difference, so added in a small decorative fondant boarder (all product information available below), then added some gorgeous super delicate edible cake lace, both on the cake, as to hug the fresh flowers, like old school doily look – the details were so delicate, it was until you were near the cake did it draw you in to enjoy the finishing touches (that sounds poxy, but you know what I mean as I am always about the special little details!)

Windsor Polo Club – the drive up was a bit nerve wracking but as soon as you arrive at those stunning front gates, your jaw drops and my brain went into “ohhhh so pretty” mode…..I took my mommy with me on this delivery and we both coooed as we drove in. Road was a bit bumpy and we were delivering both this cake and the Barn wedding one as both weddings were at the same location (opposite sides of the club) so dropped off the other one first and heads to the gazebo to deliver this one.

 As we drive up, the team are busy setting up thousands of gorgeous flowers, including a round suspended chandelier – mum was beside her self and went about taking a million photos.

 I was spoilt once again with fresh flowers onsite by the gorgeous Mel from Unique Wedding Flowers and then typical of me, I went hunting for a couple of extra, mum caught me in the act!

 Being Spring and out in the country the bees were out in force that day – the light hum of buzzing bees was wonderful, even if they got a little too close for comfort (one landing on me and one on the flowers I placed on the cake).

I spent a good hour trimming, taping and securing the fresh flowers with the gorgeous edible lace around each bunch and ensuring they were safely secured to the cake. Yes, mum took oddles of pics!

6”, 8” and 10” this cake was huge!

Want to know what was in it?

6” - Vanilla butter cake with Limoncello syrup, home made mixed berry jam and organic vanilla bean Italian Meringue Buttercream

8” - Vanilla butter cake with Limoncello syrup, home made strawberry jam and organic vanilla bean Italian Meringue Buttercream

10” - Vanilla butter cake with Peach vodka syrup, home made golden queen peach jam and organic vanilla bean Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Truly, soft, moist and delicious!

Though Sam didn’t seem too convinced… maybe he’s showing us all how he keeps his figure svelte before burning off the calories from the tiny morsel with a morning run with his new bride… (giggles)

 I brought along a rustic wooden style cake stand to give it more height – I prefer a cake lifted off the table, as cake tables tend to swallow cakes up -

Want to see it?

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Fondant – Fondtastic by Kware

Cake Boards – Mondo cake boards

Cake Lace – Clare Bowmans purchased from Cake Decorating Central

Cake Lace Mat – Cake Decorating Central

Fresh Flowers - Melissa by Unique Wedding Flowers

Cake Stand – Domayne Christmas range

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Cheers, Monica

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