Halloween & Thanks Giving Fondant Pumpkins

Halloween & Thanks Giving Fondant Pumpkins

Hey everyone,

Who doesn’t love Halloween?!?! (If you don’t just pretend you do when chatting with me!) And each year I make some little fun stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the realistic scary stuff either, but it’s just not, me, I like cute, adorable and fun (yes I know, not very Halloween but I don’t care, it’s me!) Anyways…. each year I look for something fun, easy and effective for people to make at home themselves.

So this year it was little cupcakes/cake tppers in the form of ghosts and pumpkins! This blog is devoted to the Pumpkins.

I made a quick and easy video and you will have to excuse me, but I am so ditsy, I forgot on both occasions to switch on the video recorder above to give a better angle and I ran out of time to make a second video…. yes I suck, but I know you will be kind as it’s my first speaking video and I was nervous as all buggery!.

So without further a do…. here is the video! Please hit subscribe on Youtube to help keep me relivant and engaged so it will encourage me to make more videos and do better!

And because you all asked for it - UniGouls! Unicorn ghosts and how to make these cute little toppers:


Hugs Monica <3

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