Doll Cake - The Question and Answer Blog

Doll Cake - The Question and Answer Blog

Hey everyone!

I posted a Bridal shower doll cake this week on my social media platforms and was surprised by the number of questions, messages and emails I received, looking for more information so I thought I would type up a quick blog to copy and paste them all into the spot, so here goes....

Is her body gumpaste or modeling chocolate? Her body is a blend of Fondtastic Fondant and Choc-It Modeling chocolate - is the perfect blend for my hands. And it's stays soft while I work it and firms up without skinning - it's AWESOME!!!!

How long did it take you? From the time the cakes were baked and cooled and ready to go?  I made the frostings, ganache, torted, carved, crumb coated, made her and decorated the dress, hand painted the details etc in 2 hours. Yes was very rushed and I would have liked to have spent more time refining the details but the cake was a gift....

How did you get the skin colour? ChefMaster Ivory gel paste available from Kware with a dot of soft pink to get the right tone

How did you do the details on the face? Is it a mold? No, not a mold, all hand done with Sugar Shappers available from Cake Decorating Central at Castlehill. The details are painted on with SweetSticks Edible Paints.

How did you construct it? That is a long post on it's own, in a nut shell, made her face first, body next, carved the cake and ganached, shoved her body on, decorated the dress, dressed the torso, stuck on her head, added arms and lace and completed her with hair and hand painted details like nails etc

Is she all cake? You can eat all of her bar the eyelashes!

What's inside? You never show the inside of your cakes! Well, to be fair, the majority of my cakes are not for me or I don't attend the function so it's a bit hard, but in this case, I do have a mobile snap of the inside! This was ombre vanilla to strawberry to raspberry cake with crushed freeze dried strawberry buttercream, home made strawberry jam, limoncello syrup and covered in coconut white chocolate ganache... are you drooling yet?

What was the cake for? The cake was for a Kitchen Tea / Bridal Shower for a lovely young lady I work with 

Hope you all enjoyed the read and if you have any other questions, please post it below.

Cheers, Monica <3 

Please note - most products link through the product/supplier website or social media pages - I don't get kick backs, so this is my blog on what I use not what I am selling. I am a proud Ambassador for Fondtastic and I use their products a lot! :D

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