Buttercream Flowers Cake - Mini Tutorial

Buttercream Flowers Cake - Mini Tutorial

I was determined to give these buttercream flowers cake a shot. I've been seeing them everywhere and I just love them but had no idea where to start!

While inspired by so many of the korean style buttercream flower cakes, I have to say, my most recent crush was Dave Yan and his work into the medium. Dave was a finalist on the Great Australian Bake Off, the year after me. Ironic when you consider, we were both finalist and I now love his work! Means I need to get a wriggle on with my own skills.

I've been working so hard the past 2 years, it's left virtually no room for upskilling. I found that while I had improved organically, there hadn't been any intentional learning. So pulling back a little in orders and work gave me a few spare days last week and I finally had a chance to play.

Made a batch of traditional American Buttercream and off I want to play....

And play I did... with some horrific results in the first day:

Threw it all out...

Day 2....So back to the drawing board, buttercream wasn't working for me and my pipping sucked. (Watch youtube you say? I tried, but so many videos, all confusing and to be honest, I like to be self taught.... back to trying again)

Right... first up... buttercream was too sloppy. Shortening was needed. SO I called upon my good friends at The Naked Cake Gallery in sydney for a big tub of their white buttercream. Rummaged through my stock for various colours of Over the Top Buttercream by Kware, and gel colours by Chefmaster from Kware also and had a bit of mix. 

And it worked a bit better, well sort of! (no judement people!!!)

Ok... a bit more happy now.... but surely, I can do better with the piping.... right .. added a bit more icing sugar to the mixture, to firm it up more.....

Woohoo! Took 3 days of poking around and playing with various tips and wrist motions.... and here is my first buttercream flower cake: (And before you day anything, the cake, and the outside is all italian meringue buttecream, recipe is on this website in the recipe section) and is only the flowers in shortening, which I flavoured strawberry!

OMG squeal! I did that... first go at the cake and .... all on video just for you guys!!!

I know.. I know... settle down... but I can't! Am so excited! I know is not as fabulous as some of the other awesome buttecream flower cakes out there... but I did it... in 3 days... not tutorials.... on my little lonesome and I love it!!!! Happy dance....

More information? 


More info on products used: Buttercream shaper combs from www.cuttercraft.com.au

Buttercream for flowers from Over the Top www.kware.com.au and The Naked Cake Gallery at www.nakedcakesgallery.com.au

Cake Boards from www.kware.com.au Spatulas, tall scrapers, piping bags and tips from www.loyalbakeware.com

Aprons and tshirts from www.directuniforms.com.au

Enjoy! Love, Monica <3 


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