Anna Polyviou - Shangri La - Ginger Bread House 2016 Project - ACDN

Anna Polyviou - Shangri La - Ginger Bread House 2016 Project - ACDN

The ACDN team were engaged again this year to help out with Anna Polyviou's charity giant gingerbread house for charity appeal in the Shangri La.

I was lucky to have seen the call out on the forum and put my hand up to volunteer and even lucky to have been one of the chosen ladies to attend!

Little did I know, 2 shifts, the first starts at 1am, and second at 4am.... not enough caffeine to cover that! hahahahah

And becasue I couldn't volunteer for many shifts I offered to make the poinsetta's for the house at home and bring them in - what a challenge... finding poinsetta cutters in sydney, 3 weeks before christmas..... omg!!! Fist time making them, was pretty chuffed! 

And then I met Anna... she is everything you expect, loud, funny, engaging, bright and talented... but what you don't see is a rather special, soft, heartfelt young lady who is truly pushing the boundaries and has worked very hard through a lot of hardship to get to where she is. A deep love of family and passion and flair for sweets, the sky is the limit for her - I look forward to watching her journey!

We spent quite a few morning decorating "gift" boxes for the house and then moved up to work on the ginger bread house isn't self.

A wonderful launch party was put on for us by the Shangri la and Anna's awesome team.

My cake bestie was my hot date for the night and I finally got to meet the amazing Verusca Walker, who made an actual turning carousel with her fabulous hubby Shawn! I was smitten with her instantly and all took way too many photos!

And then the launch of the Ginger bread house it's self - can honestly say I had a blast, laughed hard despite the lack of caffeine that that hour of the morning!

Thank you everyone for making my first ACDN outing an absolute blast!!

Hugs till the next post - Monica 


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