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Russian Marshmallow (Zephyr Zeffir Zefir) Tutorial and Recipe

Russian Marshmallow (Zephyr Zeffir Zefir) Tutorial and Recipe

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Russian Marshmallows or more commonly know as Zephyr are Gluten and lactose free. Halal friendly and vegetarian (contains egg whites)

I have been making Zephyr since 2017 and you can find my first recipes and videos in our recipe section and on Youtube. Most recently, I have become totally enamored with the flowers you can pipe with them.

This took me down a rabbit hole of recipe testing etc to find the most stable and the most reliable recipe for piping. And I had no intention of releasing this information until I was confident I had nailed it.

With this listing you have a few choices depending of what you wish to learn, your skill level and your budget.

Recipe and method only

Recipe with Tutorial

Recipe with Tutorial and beginner pack

Recipe with Tutorial and full starter pack

Starter Pack

Peony tutorial

Tulip Tutorial

Orchid Tutorial

Daffodil Tutorial

Rose Tutorial

The whole she-bang - Recipe, tutorial, full starter pack and all the flower tutorials.


We have spent month in producing this listing for you and making it as easy as possible. Plus you have faith in purchasing from a well known brand via a reputable website.



Please bare in mind, if you purchase recipe only, it has the recipe and the method. We have the full tutorial which goes into trouble shooting, FAQ and visual queues which we highly recommend




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